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Tet is right on the front porch; therefore, removing spider webs has became the must do task to many families in order to redecorate the house and invite the new into their house. However, lots of people are having arachnophobia, and that makes removing spider webs seem to be an extremely scary mission. Fortunately, there are many ways to get rid of the spider webs in your house without getting uncomfortable or getting direct contact with spider webs. What are they? Let’s take a look:

Removing spider webs by using vacuum cleaner

removing spider webs
Removing spider webs by using vacuum cleaner

You could get rid of the spider web simply by using a vacuum machine. The handheld vacuum cleaner is the most easy-to-use tool, but you could also use a normal vacuum with long suction if you don’t have a handheld one.

You just need to use the vacuum cleaner to suck the spider webs when you find one. If the webs stick hardly on the walls, you might need to suck them several times.

You could suck away all the webs stuck on furniture or curtains, then use the Clothing Mobile to clean all the leftover pieces of the webs.

Remember to also check the beneath of your wood furniture. Some spiders could make web in dark corners. Once every week, lift up your sofa, couch, table and other furniture to check for spider webs. If any, use the vacuum cleaner to suck them all.

Disadvantage: You can’t remove the spider webs on the ceiling and other high positions with this method.


Removing spider webs by using webster duster

removing spider webs
Removing spider webs by using webster duster

Use a soft webster duster with long handle to remove the annoying spider webs at positions that are difficult to reach by vacuum cleaner. You can also use the webster duster to clean the narrow corners. If you don’t have a webster duster, you can use your hair tie to tie an old sock to a long stick or a ruler to make a simple tool and use this tool to remove spider webs.

Disadvantage: The method may make you suck in a large amount of dust. You should cover your face with a mask to protect your health.


Using fabric tape and paint roller

The ceiling covered by coarse textured layers could make the spider webs stuck more intense and hard to remove. Therefore, using webster dusters for these kinds of ceilings just makes the ceiling get dirtier; besides, the vacuum is hard to reach the ceiling. In this situation, a fabric tape and a paint roller are the best solution for you.

You can use the fabric tape to cover around the paint roller. The sticky surface will be the surface that contacts the ceiling. Use the tool to stick all the webs stuck on the ceiling. If the ceiling is not clean yet, replace the surface of the tool by new tape and roll some more times.

Disadvantage: Creating this tool will absorb a lot of your time and bring inconvenience since it can only be used one time and the tape is easy to fall out. What can you do if you don’t have a paint roller and a fabric tape?


Using Floor Clean Long

This is the most effective method in all methods in this article. Using the Floor Clean Long, you can remove spider webs in every position, from high positions like ceilings, wall corners to low positions like under the bed, under the closet. You just need to gently roll over the positions having spider webs. All the dirt and webs will be easily got rid of. This method also limits the amount of dust that you may absorb while cleaning. Floor Clean Long is a safe tool which protects the health of you and your family in the days of cleaning to prepare for Tet.

Disadvantage: This method has nearly no disadvantage.

Small note: You should pay more concern on spider webs while doing daily cleaning. If you remove immediately all the webs when doing cleaning, you can save your house from the return of the spiders. When cleaning your house everyday, notice the spider webs. Remember places having webs to remove them later.


Small talk about Regulations of cleaning in Tet’s holidays

removing spider webs
Regulations of cleaning in Tet’s holidays

The Vietnamese have different customs in Tet. One of these customs is restraint in the first days of the new year. People usually say “Luck comes when there’s restraint”.

About the restraint of cleaning and throwing garbage in Tet holidays, the Vietnamese always believe that if you sweep your house and throw garbage in Tet holidays, you might be sweeping and throwing “luck” out of your house as well. Therefore, on days before Tet, every family tries their best to clean the house as fast as possible.

Then there comes a question: Does it mean that we cannot do any cleaning stuff in Tet? Actually, the first days of the years are always the days that visitors might come by your house. If you do not do the cleaning at all, the floor would be very dirty.

In such situation, the cleaning is necessary, and if you cannot sweep your floor, you can “roll over” it instead by using the Floor Clean Long. In this way, you can keep your house clean and welcome the come-by visitors into your house without violating the Tet’s cleaning regulations.

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