how to remove fur on clothes


Through this article, you will know how to remove fur stuck on clothes quickest and most effectively. The fibers, dirt, and pet fur will destroy your clothes. Suppose that the clothes have dark colour, then it will be easier to see the fibers stuck on the clothes. You should learn how to cope with these troubles and make your clothes clean as new ones through the simple tips below.

Tip 1: Clean the fur stuck on your clothes with Mini for Clothing

It’s not accidental that the Mini for Clothing stands in the Top of the article. This is a most convenient and effective tool to handle this problem. Because of the special glue, Mini for Clothing will help you to remove all the dirt and fur stuck on your clothes without damaging the fabric surface, no matter if your clothes are wool, silk, or satin.

You could buy a Mini for Clothing at supermarkets, fabric stores, or pet shops. Or you can buy at reliable manufacturers and distributors such as COLOCOLO.VN, Nitto,…

Guidance for using Mini for Clothing:

Use the Mini for Clothing roll gently on the fabric and all the fibers and fur will be taken and stuck on the layer of Mini for Clothing. You could reuse Mini for Clothing many times. If the glue layer is dried off, you just need to tear it away and continue using until out of layers. After the core is out of layers, you could buy refills to save a lot of money.

Not using tape to remove fabric fibers:

Using the tape could leave the glue spots on your clothes and damage the clothes. The glue on the tape is not encouraged to use because it can damage the structure of the fabric fibers.


Tip 2: Use device to shave the fabric fibers

how to remove fur on clothes
Use device to shave the fabric fibers

This is a battery device used to handle the fibers on clothes. You just need to turn the device on and slide it on the fabric surface. After finished, open the drawer of the device and throw the fibers in the dustbin. However, you should consider this device carefully because this device is inappropriate to many fabric surfaces.


Tip 3: Use pumice

how to remove fur on clothes
Use pumice to remove fur on clothes

Use a pumice and rub it on the wool sweater. This method also helps get rid of the fibers on the wool sweater. Remember to rub downwards the wool lines, not upwards. Besides, don’t rub too harshly or several times on one spot. The pumice may create some holes on the sweater.

Not using pumice for cotton or sheep wool. You also shouldn’t use the stone for thin fabric like silk or satin.

Most of fibers will stick deeply on the fabric surface. At this time, you could use Clothing Roller to pull out all the fibers. You should do this on the table or tablecloth; in this way, it will be more convenient to clean the fibers.


Tip 4: Use razor

how to remove fur on clothes
Use razor to remove fur on clothes

You could also use the razor to shave all the ruffled fur on the cloth. This will work for the cloth that has fibers stuck deeply on.

Put the razor on the cloth and slightly shave downwards a bit. Stop a while to wipe away all the shaved fibers. Then, continue to shave on the cloth until there’s no fibers on the cloth. If you don’t have a razor, you could use a blade. Put the blade in diagonal and slide it on the cloth. You need to be very careful because the blade might cut the cloth and damage the cloth.

Small note: You should try on the places of the clothes that hard to see when using pumice and blade/razor. In this way, if the clothes are damaged, you could choose another gentler method.

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