Information Security/Complaint Policy

I. Security Policy

1) Purpose of collecting customer’s private information:

– The information collected on website is mainly included: email, phone number, customer name, customer password, address of the customer (member). Those are the information that COLOCOLO needs members to provide forcefully when registering to use the service, as well as allow us to contact for confirmation when customers register to use the service on website in order to guarantee customers’ rights.

– All members will have to be responsible for the security and storage of activities when using service under your registered user name, password and email address. Besides, members have responsibility for informing COLOCOLO immediately about behaviours which are against the regulations, abusive and violating security and storage of registered name and password from a third party to get a solution.


2) The Scope for using private information:

Website promises to use provided information from members to:

– Supply service for users.

– Send the notifications about activities of exchanging information between member and COLOCOLO.

– Prevent all the activities of damaging user account of the member or disguising member.

– Contact the member and give a solution for that member in particular circumstances.

– Not use personal information of member outside the purpose of confirming and contacting about purchasing activities at


3) Time for storing private information:

Private information of member will be stored until there is a request of deletion or member themselves logs in account and deletes account. Otherwise, in all circumstances, the private information of the member will be stored securely in our main server.


4) People or Organizations who could approach customer’s private information:

In case there is a request from authority organizations: COLOCOLO has responsibility for cooperating to provide personal information of member when there is a request from authority organizations such as Procuracy, court, police station relevant to investigating illegal behaviours of the customer. Otherwise, no one is allowed to approach the member’s private information.


5) Address of organization collecting and managing information:


Our Sales Office:

– Address: 135 Street 12, City Land Residence, Ward 10, Go Vap District, HCMC

– Hotline:  0898.121.005


6) Methods and Tools for Customer to approach and adjust private information:

– Member has the rights to check, update, adjust or delete all their private information by logging in the account and adjust personal information or request COLOCOLO to implement this.

– Member who has a request to send complaints about Information Security does kindly contact our Administrators. After receiving these feedbacks, COLOCOLO will confirm the content of the complaint, in case the situation is exactly as the member complained, then depends on the seriousness, we will have the corresponding immediate solution.


7) Commitment about protecting customer’s private information:

– Customer’s private information on has the promise from us to completely protect the privacy under security policy. Collecting and using each member’s information are only implemented when there is agreement from customers except cases stated in legal regulations.

– Not use, transfer, provide or reveal to any third party about member’s private information without agreement from the member.

– In case the main server storing information gets hacked by hackers and lost all private information of the member, COLOCOLO has responsibility for notifying member and informing authority organizations to immediately solve the situation.

– The COLOCOLO Administrators require all individuals when registering/purchasing under the member account must provide fully relevant personal information: full name, contact address, email, phone number, … and be responsible for the legality of the provided information.

COLOCOLO will not be responsible for solving complaints relevant to the rights of that member if after considering the complaints we recognize any inaccuracy in that member’s information provided when initially registering.


II. Complaint Policy

COLOCOLO has responsibility for receiving and solving Customer’s complaints related to transactions at When incurring complaints, or disputes, COLOCOLO heightens the solution of negotiating and reconciling for both sides to maintain the relationship with Customer and your trust in service quality of

The procedure for complaint following these steps:

Step 1: Customer complains about the product and service at does kindly:

Contact Hotline: 0898.121.005

Or send the complaints to the address below:


Address of the Sales Office: 135 Street 12, Residence City Land, Ward 10, Go Vap District, HCMC

Step 2: COLOCOLO Customer Service Department will receive all the complaints and contacts for confirmation about Customer’s request as soon as possible and within no more than 5 days of work since the date of receiving the request. Depend on the nature and seriousness of the situation, COLOCOLO will have a certain solution to support customer to solve complaints and disputes.

Step 3: COLOCOLO could require Customer to provide information and evidence related to transaction and product to confirm and clarify the situation in order to provide the appropriate solution.

Step 4: In case COLOCOLO has attempted to solve the complaints and disputes but the situation is out of COLOCOLO’s ability and authority, we could request handing the situation in authority National organizations for solutions in accordance to legal regulations.

Any dispute, complaint or argue incurred related to transactions at Website or this regulations and terms will be solved by negotiating, reconciling, referee and/or court in accordance to the Law on Protection of Consumer Rights year 2010, at Chapter 4 about Solving dispute between consumer and organization, product, service business individuals.