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Washing your car needs to be done regularly, which is not only about keeping your car clean outside but also inside.

Do you know? That is according to the recent study of European scientists, in every square centimeter of foot location, there are millions of bacteria. There are also more than 100 types of E.coli viruses which cause different intestinal diseases, as well as more than 200 types of other viruses and funguses in every square centimeter of seat belt… This study result has been a huge shock bomb to many people and caused worries for them when seating in their car.

Cleaning the inside is more necessary than the outside

washing your car
Cleaning the inside is more necessary than the outside

Many people are only pay attention on cleaning the outside without noticing that the inside is the one needed more regular cleaning. Because of the regular contacting with polluted air and street dust, it is very easy for the outside of the car getting dirty. However, these filthy spots are very easy to be pointed out and get cleaned. Actually, the place that you think it would be the safest turns out to be the most dangerous threat to your family’s health. That is the unseen filthy spots inside of the car. It exists, but nearly invisible. It stays where you touch, hold and contact everyday.

When using the car, we usually close the window and turn on the air-conditioning. This is the condition for viruses to grow strongly. When sitting in the car, we usually feel that the car inside is clean, but it’s not. The unseen filthy spots make us subjectively feel safe. Cleaning inside of the car is not easy since this is a narrow space, and therefore, it requires you to have specialised tools to clean the car inside effectively.


So, how can I clean inside of my car?

Remember, by only stepping your shoes into your car, you are bringing uncountable viruses and dirt into your car from the outside environment. Besides that, there are also many more subjective and objective reasons from the outside which could pollute your car’s furniture.

But don’t worry, if you follow these steps, the cleaning inside will be effective, easy and rapid like eating candy to you.

Step 1: Throwing garbage

Prepare a pair of gloves and garbage bag before cleaning your car. You should also wear protective glasses and a mask to protect your health from dirt and toxic chemicals.

While collecting the garbage, you should temporarily remove all the decorations in your car such as feng shui items, phone stand, small statue,… to make the cleaning become easier and more convenient. Maybe while removing items and collecting garbage, you might see things you thought it lost like your key, coins, ring…

You should also move big things like cartons, bottles,… and put them aside.


Step 2: Clean dashboard

washing your car
Clean dashboard in your car

Moisturize a cloth by cleaning liquid or glass cleaner. Wipe in sequence from the cleanest place to the dirtiest, and the final place will be the place with hardest filthy spots.
Don’t forget the small slots. With the slots, you could use a cotton swab to wipe and clean the hard-to-reach corners like the decorative edges around the dashboard or the slots of air-conditioning.

You could also use a small old brush to clean the dashboard buttons and the spin knot. You should brush the spots due to the clock position.


Step 3: Clean the windows

washing your car
Clean the windows in your car

Moisturize the microfiber cloth with the window cleaning liquid. You should use the microfiber cloth because they clean well the spots on windows without leaving wiping lines.

Use the microfiber cloth and window cleaning liquid to wipe the windows. Same with cleaning the car furniture, you should wipe the windows due to the clock position to better the cleaning.

Note: The edges of the windows are where stayed the most dirt. Therefore, while wiping the windows, you should change the side of the cloth to wipe the edges as well without getting dirt on surroundings.


Step 4: Clean drawers, seats and floor

washing your car
Clean drawers, seats and floor in your car

Before vacuuming, you should displace and shake the plastic carpets before wash them by water then dry them. If you have not plenty of time and have no vacuum cleaner, the most convenient way for you is using a Mini for Car to clean the car furniture. Just gently roll the Mini for Car on the carpets, every dirt and fallen hairs will be collected. To keep the floor clean, you should use the roller to clean the floor daily.

With the car slots, you should use brushes and small brooms to sweep the stuck dust inside.
With chairs and leather tools, you need to clean them carefully to not dry them. Use the roller to remove the dirt on leather seats without affecting surroundings. Then use a sloth moisturized by cleaning liquid to clean again the leather seats to remove the smells as well as harmful viruses.


Step 5: Finish

Since you have used plenty of chemicals and cleaning liquid, you should open widely the doors to refresh the inside environment and remove the smells of chemicals as well as dry up the car. After that, you could use air freshener so that the air inside seems to be fresher. Finally, put every decorations back to their old positions.

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