Warranty/Return/Refund Policy

I. Warranty Policy

COLOCOLO always attempts to bring your family the greatest purchasing experiences, from the variety about products, models, functions to the nonstop completed after-purchase services. Accordingly, COLOCOLO applies Lifetime Warranty Glue Quality Policy for all customers in Vietnam purchasing on colocolo.vn and fanpage ColoColo Vietnam.

The product is not applied warranty policy, or there is incurring warranty fees if falling into the following situations:

  • The product is broken by the customer, and this mistake is not in the warranty scope of the manufacturer.
  • Customer purposely interferes the process of getting the product fixed or gets the product fixed at warranty centres that are not authorized by COLOCOLO Vietnam.
  • In case there is incurring in warranty fees, the Customer Service staff will give the customer the full information before proceeding the warranty process.

If there is any question and opinion related to COLOCOLO’s Warranty Policy, please contact through:

Hotline: 0898.121.005


II. Return and Refund Policy

To make sure that customers at COLOCOLO are experiencing a friendly service, we expect customers check the product carefully when receiving it in accordance with the criteria below:

– Quantity

– Name and quality of the product

– The information of the product as well as the receiver (comparing to the information on the delivery order form inside the delivery box) when receiving the product before signing and making the payment for delivery staff.

However, to heighten the satisfaction of customers when purchasing and experiencing COLOCOLO’s service, we built a policy of Return and Refund based on the spirit of protecting the customers’ rights to guarantee with the customers the quality of our products and services.


1) Conditions for Returning & Exchanging the product:

With the mistaken products which their mistakes caused by the manufacturer, the customer do kindly contact directly COLOCOLO through [Hotline: 0898.121.005] to be instructed the procedure of returning or exchanging within 7 days based on the purchasing time (as performed on the purchase order).

Customers could only return the products and get the refund if the stock of COLOCOLO Vietnam doesn’t have other substitute products (in colours, shapes…).


2) In case that the Return and Refund Policy is not applied:

COLOCOLO will not apply Return and Refund Policy for the mistaken products which their mistakes caused by customers (broken, damaged or changed in shape during the using time).