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01 Colorful Floor Clean Long (Random Color) + 01 Smart For Clothing + 01 Free Refill

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Combo Colorful Floor Clean Long (Random Color) + Smart for Clothing with 1 refill

COLOCOLO Floor Clean Long is the first lint roller in Vietnam used perfectly on multi-surface.

With quality blue adhesive and special technology, the product easily remove all the dirt, fallen hairs, animal dander, food pieces on multi-surface such as wood floor, tile floor, vinyl floor, carpet, bamboo mat, bed, bedsheet, sofa, car seat,…

COLOCOLO Smart for Clothing with 50 layers is the lint roller specified for clothes. The special adhesive will not damage the fabric surfaces, easily get rid of all the dirt, fallen hairs, animal dander stuck on the clothes.


Origin: Japan

Manufacturer: Japan

Package caution (interchangeable)

Size of Floor Clean Long: Roll’s width 160mm x 30 layers; Handle long 610mm – 970mm

Size of Smart for Clothing: Roll’s width 100mm x 50 layers


Floor Clean Long

– Floor Clean Long with stretch-able handle is suitable for amending length. You could use the product flexibly no matter how high or low the spot is, or even with the toughest corner on walls, floor, under bed, closet,…without stretching or lowing your body too much.

– With smart and neat design, Floor Clean Long helps you clean any where and any time you like without causing noise, keep the environment around you sleeping kids and family peaceful and quiet.

– Products including a container with convenient design helps you neatly place the product on the floor or hang on the wall and convenient for you any time you need it.

– The product with a pack of refills helps you use it permanently and save for you a remarkable amount for your family.

Smart for Clothing

– Smart handle design helps user clean all the dirt on their clothes, including the back all by themselves.

– Marvelous product for removing fallen hairs, animal dander, pollen, and dirt on the work and school uniform in a minute without tempt.

– The container of product has a hole for hanging, so that you could hang the product at the hall to keep your clothes clean before and even after you come home.

The product has a pack of refills convenient for long-term use.


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