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01 COLOPET + 01 Clothing Mobile (Random Color) + 01 Free Refill

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COLOPET + Clothing Mobile (Random Color) with 1 Refill

COLOCOLO COLOPET has 80 layers with neat design, so all your family members could use it effortlessly. Special blue adhesive will help you quickly get rid of all the dirt, fallen hairs of pet on the floor, carpet, sofa, bed…

The product is suitable for every family has pets (dogs, cats) and quickly gets rid of all the allergens. Therefore, you will no longer worry about the allergy every time your kids play with your pets.

COLOCOLO Clothing Mobile with 30 layers is suitable for all kinds of clothes that have smooth surface. An excellent product for cleaning away the fallen hairs, pollen, fine dirt, fabric dirt, and pet hairs stuck on your clothes quickly and coveniently.

There are many catchy colors for you to choose: pink/blue/lime



– The adhesive roll is blue, so that you could easily see the dander stuck on the roll.

– There is a line for easily tearing off the used adhesive layer.

– The container of the product has three super cute colors so that you could place the product in your rooms as a decoration: Pink/Yellow/Lime

– The product has a container and a convenient pack of spare rolls so that you could use the product in a long term.

Clothing Mobile 

– Thanks to the folding design, which is super convenient and fit to put the product in your wallet or small purse. Perfect for bringing along on every tour or date.

– Long-term and firm adhesive, but safe and perfect to clean all kinds of materials as well as more durable than other same products.

– This product is excellent to people who is allergic with animal dander or even having pollen allergy.

– The product has a pack of spare rolls which is convenient for long-term use.


Origin: Japan

Manufacturer: Japan

– Package caution (interchangeable)


Size: Roll’s width 100mm x 80 layers

Color: Pink/Yellow/Lime

Clothing Mobile

Size: Width 75mm x 30 layers

Color: Pink/Lime/Blue


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