Refill for High Grade Strong I Type

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The refills for COLOCOLO High Grade Strong I Type clean away quickly all the fallen hairs, animal dandruff, dust, as well as food stuck on your beloved pets.


– Clean away for you all the fallen hairs, dust, and bugs that fell out from your pets onto the floor, as well as clothes, bed/bedsheet, sofa.

– The product is suitable for all families have pets (cats, dogs) and gets rid of completely all the allergens.

– There’s a line on the product so that you could easily tear off the used layer.

– Smart adhesive layers will mark the animal dandruff collected, help you be aware of how much your pets shed their hairs.

– Not leave any glue spot on the crossing-over surfaces.


Origin: Japan

Manufacturer: Japan

Note about package (changeable)

Size: Super Strong Adhesive Refill; wide 160mm x 40 layers


– With old spare tape, push both buttons on two sides of the product’s head, grab the spare tape and pull it out – then replace the old with the new into the product’s head.

– Start to use the refill by taking off the protective package around the tape, then roll the tape along the direction of the arrows.

– After the dust (waste) is stuck on the tape, pull out the dirty layer and tear it off along the line on the tape.

– Not use the product on silky carpets, long fur carpets, or special carpets because the material might be easily pulled out by the super strong adhesive (since carpet’s fur is easy to be stuck into adhesive layers)

– Roll the tape along the direction of the arrows.

How to change the old tape by the refills

– With old spare tape, push both buttons on two sides of the product’s head, grab the old and pull it out

– Put the refill into the head of the product.

(*) Note for maintaining and using:

– Maintain the adhesive tape, avoid direct sunlight, and places in high temperature and high humidity.

– Not put force on the product horizontally when using it or push the adhesive too much on the floor.

– After finish using, put the product back into the protective container, box.

– Not place heavy items on the adhesive tape.

– To make sure the adhesive tape is not fell out, not use the product on places like stairs.

– Not use the product for other purposes outside cleaning.


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