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Removing fallen hairs how to be quickest and most effective is not easy. The fallen hairs are all over your house, and no matter how hard you try to clean them, you still see some on the floor. If you have no other method to remove them, try one of the followings:


1/ Remove fallen hairs with broom and plastic bag

remove fallen hairs
Remove fallen hairs with broom and plastic bag

By rubbing the plastic bags, you can create an electric force strong enough to attract the hairs. Therefore, if you want to remove the fallen hairs, cover the broom with a plastic bag before you use it to sweep your floor. The plastic bag will create an electric force to attract all the fallen hairs without making the hairs stuck on the broom. However, in this way, you might be still leaving some hairs on the floor.


2/ Collect the hairs by using vacuum cleaner

remove fallen hairs
Collect the hairs by using vacuum cleaner

It will be easier for you if you have a vacuum cleaner at home. With the vacuum cleaner, you can suck the fallen hairs in every corner, no matter they are under the closet or sofa. With sucking function, it is certain that no hair is left behind. However, the vacuum cleaner is rather big and hard to bring along here and there. So, it may not be as quick and convenient as you wish.


3/ Use tea waste

This is a method that barely anyone notices. When talking about tea, we usually think of it as a drink, but it’s not only a drink. The tea leaves are also an effective tool for removing fallen hairs.
It’s very simple. After many times of using tea leaves, there’s only the tea waste left. Don’t throw away this tea waste. Keep it and let it dry about 50%, then scatter it all over the floor. The fallen hairs will be stuck on the tea waste, and now, your job of sweeping all the fallen hairs has become easier than ever.


4/ Use empty plastic bottle

This method is the same with the first method, which is using electric force to collect hairs.

Grab an empty plastic bottle, rub it on a carpet or cloth to heat it up. Then roll the bottle on the mattress, on the floor,… You will see a great number of fallen hairs stuck on the plastic bottle.


5/ Use rubber band

remove fallen hairs
Use rubber band to remove fallen hairs

Tie a rubber band 1 round around your 4 fingers. Then rub it around on the carpet, mattress, floor or any place have fallen hairs. You will be surprised that one single rubber band could collect that much hairs.


6/ Tape

Another way to remove fallen hairs is using tape. You just need to simply stick double sided tape on the broom tail then sweep the hairs, or stick the tape around your hand with the sticky surface outside, and in a blink, you could collect all the fallen hairs. However, the tape could leave some glue spots on your floor. Therefore, instead of using tape, you could use a sticky roller. By using a sticky roller, you don’t have to lower your back or contact directly the dirt and fallen hairs.


7/ Remove fallen hairs quickly by using the Floor Clean Long

Floor Clean Long is a saving time and effective tool for cleaning the fallen hairs. It also saves quite an expense for your family instead of spending money for a big vacuum cleaner or leaving some glue spots on the floor when using tape to clean the hairs. Even though the cost of a Floor Clean Long is much cheaper, its effectiveness is as much as a vacuum cleaner.

Just gently roll the Floor Clean Long on the floor. At this time, all the dirt, fallen hairs or even pet furs will be collected cleanly. By using this tool, surely you will not leave any hair behind on the floor.

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